Join our volunteer team!

Home Sweet Home can use a wide variety of volunteer skills to serve our mission.

Whether you can commit to one day a week, one weekend a month, or something else we want to hear from you! Some skills we need include movers, painters, carpenters, organizers, designers, and more.

Personal Shopper – Families shop at 9:30am and 10:30am Monday through Friday. Volunteers are needed to walk them through the shopping process, help them pick out appropriate items, and pack up items for delivery.  (Time needed: 1.5 hours)

Warehouse Assistant – We have 3,200 sq/feet of warehouse space complete with couches, dressers, kitchen items, and other donated furniture that constantly needs cleaned, dusted, set up, and organized. (Time needed: 1 hour)

Furniture Delivery – One of the best ways to see the mission in action is to be part of a volunteer group as they deliver furniture to our families. We meet at our warehouse, load the truck, and car-pool to the family’s home where we unload and setup their furniture.  (Time needed: 2 hours)

Administrative Assistant – There are a variety of administrative tasks that need to be performed on a daily basis, including stuffing envelopes and weekly data processing. Some of these tasks may be performed offsite. (Time needed: 1 hour)

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